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Battlerite is a new game from Stunlock Studios. The developers behind Bloodline Champions (PvP arena combat) and Dead Island: Epidemic (Zombie based arena game, themed on the Dead Island series from Deep Silver) and Project O (on hold in prototype stage). Battlerite is a spiritual sequel to Bloodline Champions (abrivated as BLC) and is very much a remake and reworking of the original game, but published by themselves. The old BLC was owned by Funcom who made the Age of Conan MMO and when they dropped it Stunlock Studios personally paid out of pocket to keep it going for the fans. You can still get the game on Steam, but the population isn't as large as it once was so queue times may be long.

BLC was a very solid Player vs Player arena game based around 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5 team set-ups. The key element of the game was how you combined your Bloodline (avatar) abilities with your team mates (Tank, Healer, Range DPS and Melee DPS). A really good team can overcome the odds and win against any other team. The key to this was that all skills in the game are aimed, while some defensive skills are activated by clicking they all required a good amount of skill to place and hit enemies. It made for fun tense matches and memorable moments as well. They balanced the game fairly well, with healers only being able to heal a little of the damage a Bloodline received and only overhealing when damaged. Meaning you could chip away at their health and win eventually regardless of them being healed.

The BLC game worked with WASD for movement and viewed with a fixed or free floating camera (tied to your champion but could move further out). You could only see so far and anything not in you or the teams view was hidden in fog. There are 7 skills mapped around WASD to make it very active in combat. The essential idea of each skill was based on the following premise: Primary attack (Left Mouse), Secondary attack (Right Mouse), AOE (Q), Movement Skill (Space), Large skill (E) Buff Self or Ally (R) Ultimate (F). There was also an EX skill modifier that would trigger on maxing your EX bar. This was filled via damage caused, heals and for also getting the large EX spawn in middle. This EX would apply additonal effects, like extra damage on an attack, larger AoE or a basic bonus on your Bloodline. There was a lot more as well, but the basic theory was a very solid skill based match. Where small mistakes could be detrimental to the team and teamplay with skills was incredibly important.

BLC was one of the best PvP areana/MobA games I have played. I am really hopeful that Battlerite will be as good if not better than the BLC was. If you are interested you can sign up on the Battlerite website for the beta. However the game is still in early development and you may not get in for some time yet.
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