Welcome to Inuki TV. We're all about Video and Audio creativity.

Here we are focused on creating a hub primarily for Video content for Games but you may also find Art, Music and other creativity related things here too!


We like people who make things. If you're interested in becoming a part of Inuki TV we're always looking to grow!


  • Directors

A director is responsible for at least partial creation of their own show. If necessary Inuki TV will assist with the production of the show and help to develop the skills of the director.


Requirements : Basic video editing and recording knowledge/capability, and an idea for a show.

Benefits : This is work paid in royalties.


  • Twitch Live Streamers

The Inuki TV Live Stream aims to be 24/7. We don't want people to ever feel lonely! Whilst we already have an established team there are gaps that may need to be filled. We are looking for the following;


An RTS streamer who will cover multiple strategy based games.

Examples; Starcraft 2, Company of Heroes 2, Men of War Assault Squad 2, Call to Arms, Total War, Age of Empires.


A Party game streamer, covering games which are designed to be played multiplayer, with viewers. This streamer could also cover some FPS titles like the recently released Rainbow 6 Siege.

Examples; Rocket League, Mario Kart, Magicka 2, Dungeon Defenders, Smash Brothers, Splatoon


  • Programmer

We are looking to design a spendable currency system that is integrated with the Twitch Live Stream and Website.


  • Metasequioa 3d modeller

We are looking at a bright future with animation but in order to animate, models are required. 


Requirements : Experience Metasequioa

Benefits : Contractual work



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