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problem to send the replay
Hello I am trying to send inukl 1 replay a very good move I made in a RANKED bequeaths but're saying that has no replay, and the game itself has the replay. Well I do not know if it's bug but I want to send you.

Your In Game Name: * iMaxSouza

Featured God: * ymir

Replay ID: * 21503375

Time of the play: * 10M 0s

Gold difference: 713

XP difference: 330

Link to video: Não tem / There is not

Description: * Bom e uma sequencia de dribles que eu ( iMaxSouza) dou de ymir saindo com - de 100 de vida . Achei interessante essa jogada e gostaria que fosse analisada por vocês . Good and a sequence of dribbles I (iMax Souza) give the ymir dating - 100 of life. I found it interesting that play and want it to be analyzed by you

Personal message: Bom sou Brasileiro e quase nenhuma jogada do brasil está no top 5# , gostaria que você olha-se e analisasse com carinho pois e uma jogada difíscio de se fazer ^^ . Good am Brazilian and almost no team, Brazil is in the top 5 #, would you look up and examine with care for and play difíscio to do

Your Twitter name: iMaxSouza
I am having the same issue. I don't know why. I have it on YouTube even.
a mi me pasa lo mismo, pero cuando entro en el juego no me deja volver a reproducirlo, ¿ alguien me puede ayudar?
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