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A Big Hello!
Hello everyone!

It's Inuki here. I'm super happy to get a place that I can call home online. A place to sort through all the content that I produce or help produce. Whether it's a video, music or a bit of art. There is so much that I want to!

It'd be great to talk about all these things over here in the forums! Things that have been created, shows that are in production but not yet released, ideas or fan made stuff. Creativity is the key and that's what we love here at Inuki TV! So if your interested in making things, I would love to hear about it!

If you would like to show more support you may do so here;

For personal updates follow the twitter;
Hello inuki!
Love the quality you put into your videos man, I really look forward to watching the top 5 plays every week there NUTS!
Anyway congratz on the website, you really deserved it, I made a couple of topics on the forums I hope youre cool with that! Smile
Keep up the awesome work on your production man! It only goes up from here!
Glad to be part of the community. Smile
Hello I am trying to send inukl 1 replay a very good move I made in a RANKED bequeaths but're saying that has no replay, and the game itself has the replay. Well I do not know if it's bug but I want to send you.

Your In Game Name: * iMaxSouza

Featured God: * ymir

Replay ID: * 21503375

Time of the play: * 10M 0s

Gold difference: 713

XP difference: 330

Link to video: Não tem / There is not

Description: * Bom e uma sequencia de dribles que eu ( iMaxSouza) dou de ymir saindo com - de 100 de vida . Achei interessante essa jogada e gostaria que fosse analisada por vocês . Good and a sequence of dribbles I (iMax Souza) give the ymir dating - 100 of life. I found it interesting that play and want it to be analyzed by you

Personal message: Bom sou Brasileiro e quase nenhuma jogada do brasil está no top 5# , gostaria que você olha-se e analisasse com carinho pois e uma jogada difíscio de se fazer ^^ . Good am Brazilian and almost no team, Brazil is in the top 5 #, would you look up and examine with care for and play difíscio to do

Your Twitter name: iMaxSouza
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