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Hello everyone! I'm glad that there is now a page for Inuki his hard work and quality of videos surely he has deserved it!
I have been playing smite for a little over a year, and recently got into the paladins beta. Most importantly I have been able to equip my computer with the proper needs to start Live Streaming like I have always wanted to do, its a passion.
I have made some youtube videos but the production of them are very basic, seeing on how I am limited to the windows movie maker, In the near future I plan on buying some good software to up my game a bit Grin
The reason behind this topic is to speak to others like myself who are just starting out on the livestream community, any tips or advice given can really go a long way. I'm my biggest critic so everything I do I feel like is never good enough, but I try my best to improve every time I get in front of this camera.

So I'm mainly asking what kind of advice does Inuki, or anyone else reading this topic have for someone who is just starting out? Ill provide the links to my youtube and twitch so, if you wish, you can take a look and see where my biggest flaws are, a second pair of eyes if you will.

Thanks for your time and I love how much Smite and its games have evolved and grown, also, once again congratz Inuki on your success, it only goes up from here!
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