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Hello everyone its me again!
I have just recently gotten into the paladins beta and holy lord dude this game is nuts
So fast paced and crazy, the card building strategy behind the game is very unique, and I think it sets itself apart from a lot of other FPS games.
If you wish to watch the livestream I have for paladins or smite, my twitch info will be posted at the end of this thread.

I am going to be getting my hands on the founders pack which includes another beta key, therefor I may have some of my Smite clan members come over with me and bring forth a good start to the paladins community!
I really do recommend this game to anyone who is interested, its very unique and pretty damn cool looking if I don't say so myself.
Thank you for taking the time to read the thread, hope to see more people over on paladins when its released!
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