Top 5 Plays - Episode 27

Now we're over on SMITEPRO! Click to find out what Inuki thinks!


It was an interesting decision to put the show on SMITEPRO. When I first created Top 5 Plays it was designed for everyone. I insisted that anyone could submit a replay but in order to do that I had to valiently fight for more replays to be generated. 


It was agreed that all ranked games would generate recordings and still do this day, February 13th 2015, that is the case! Who knows when all replays will be generated!


One thing is for sure though. Top 5 Plays accepts all plays from any players. Each is analysed vigerously and even though some of the times it may just be completely lucky what you did. It's entertainment we value!


Also, The pro guys are above sending in replays now =) It's down to their fans!

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