Top 5 Plays - 100


Hel and Wukong are having a brawl in solo lane until Aphrodite and Thanatos show up but Hel is able to stall until help arrives and cleans up after her. Osiris dishes the damage and sets up the stuns around gold fury, eventually Xbalanque cleans up for the penta. Thor crashes into an Odin ring and with the help of his passive, he spins to win and the enemy doesn't stand a chance. Sobek watches helplessly as his team mates are picked off one by one, at the tier two Tyr makes a massive dunk and with the help of Ao Kuang and Sobek area of effect abilities they are able to chase down the enemy team and make them pay. Andinster brutalizes his way as Fenrir through the enemy team, after Cabrakan stole the fire giant, one by one only to ascend it to the penta kill with a stylish finishing dive on Ymir.

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