Xbox Top 10 Plays of 2015

Arachne spins a web in the corner and jukes until her fellow bug comes toS her aid, Zeus brings the thunder AND the lighting, and then Thor and Tyr set up for a wombo combo. Xing Tian baits to the tower and then spins to win, Isis lays down the law (aka Circle of Protections), and Anhur and Serqet assault duo lane. Wukong cudgels his way through the enemy team assaulting his tower, Zhong and Ratatoskr assault the enemy team at the gold furry, and Scylla takes a bit out of the enemy team (twice). The top play of 2015 is Awilix flipping her way in and out of danger with the help of Aphrodite. Let's look forward to 2016!

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