Top 5 Plays - Episode 13



Hello! You've ventured to quite far in the past. This episode was created in secret to show HiRez what I felt the Top 5 Plays should be. It was shown live on stream at and everyone was blown away! 


What was interesting was no one spoke to me after the episode had been released. After a few days of silence I got a message from Duke, the community manager, saying "You are working on the next episode right?". That I was but I was still unsure if HiRez actually wanted me to continue it. Eventually MachinimaRealm got in touch and the show bounced around on channels before returning home to .



Looking back at the episode now though it seems quite terrible to me but I've always wanted to make improvements. It's my creative life philosophy. I always want to make things better. Sadly there are always time constraints too. I look forward to seeing where we can improve upon things and it's most likely going to require involving more people on the show!


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