Top 5 Plays - Episode 60

We made it to 60 episodes! This week featuring a great escape with Athena, Apollo and Janus!


A fantastic play. Usually we just have a bunch of slaughter drones kill each other. It's not often we get something a little bit more crafty and devious. You can clearly see this was planned from the very beginning!


It's at this point it seems an Inuki Voice pack is being constantly requested. A fan even made a petition form! It's something I have mixed feelings about. I feel very strongly that announcer voice packs should be client side only. I wouldn't want to ruin anyone elses experience if, like myself, they dislike my voice!


At the same time though I feel there is a lot of area for improvement with the Announcer Voice pack. Though I won't detail here. There may be a video in the future of what could be an epic additional feature to the sounds in SMITE!




Fan-made Petition for the Inuki Voice Pack -


Top 5 Play Live Streams Saturday -


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