Top 5 Plays - Episode 67

Sure, we get lots of Scylla Plays. Every play that gets submitted though is treated equally. Just because Scylla is a popular wrecking ball doesn't mean she can't make interesting plays though! That's exactly what we have in this weeks episode!


What I think is fantastic about this play is the stare down before the engage into the tower. A three pronged attack. It's almost movie like. Scylla does a great job of avoiding the incoming nasties and grabbing herself some kills for her team.


Usually the Scylla plays we get are focused in on her hitting the ultimate on multiple people, multiple times or something along those lines. The problem wtih this is how do we determine which Scylla play is better. We had several plays that were "I get a double kill" or "I get a triple kill". How can we determine which double or triple kill is better than the other?


Well, we do. We do it live on stream. There is more to it than just hitting your abilities. Since most people hit their abilities we have to dig even deeper into the play. The only way to truly udnerstand is to join the top 5 play live selection stream!


In the mean time I highly recommend trying some less featured Gods and Goddesses if you want to get involved in the Top 5 Plays. You are much more likely to have less competition that way!



The voice pack demands continue with this episode! Will the requests ever end?


Fan-made Petition for the Inuki Voice Pack -


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