Isis throws some sneaky spirit balls, Athena throws her spear of snipes, Ravana Punches the enemy into submission. Ravana and Thor team up for some flying hammers and swift fists,  Artemis uses the minions as her shield


In this episode of Random Moments, Athena just wont die, Hou yi brings fierce backup, Ymir gets everyone to chill out, Medusa slithers her way to some kills and Chiron turns the table with a damage surprise

Tyr is having a rough day but Thor bails him out, Neith gets an assist from minions, Khepri saves Chiron just barely, Mercury makes his way in and out of danger, and Hades reveals his tower trap card.

Xing Tian becomes a raid boss for the enemy team, Hou Yi turns the tides on Apollo for crashing in on him, Dr Vanus and Geb have a fist fight, Chiron with the help of Sylvanus press their luck against the entire enemy team one by one, and Osiris makes Fenrir play fetch.

Anhur, Xing Tian, and Thanatos wombo combo the enemy team, Hou Yi takes Poseidon and Chiron with him, Thor systematically wipes the enemy team, secret agent Janus is out of site and out of mind while he eliminates the enemy team from afar, and Khepri brings Scylla back from the grave after minion 34 shoots her down.

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