Kumba makes a splash with Loki, Apollo makes it out alive and goes back in for more, Arachne eats Kukulkan and Loki for lazy backing, Khepri gets picked on, and Isis makes some bold moves at the tier 2 tower and they work out in her favor.

Athena goes ice skating, Scylla side steps all sorts of danger, Vulcan whips something up for Apollo, Osiris out plays a hungry Ao Kuang, and Bellona jukes certain death over and over.

Bellona beats the enemy team into submission, Tusky has a mind of his own (but it works out anyway), Ares chains with his back against the wall, Ares sets up the Janus kamehameha, and then Kali and Freya both have a close call but only one survives.


Fenrir dives through towers for a triple, Ao Kuang sends Thanatos into the sky and then kills him afterwards just to mix things up a bit, Fenrir avoids the stone gaze of Medusa thanks to Ymir, Wukong divides and conquers against Kali and Tyr, and then Athena tells Sylla to face her charges for diving near the Tier 2 tower.


Ullr and Osiris have a old fashioned beat down while their respective enemies just get in the way, Awilix pulls and flips around the enemy team patiently, Janus Kamehameha's Ratatoskr, Anhur leaps above the competition, and Anubis doesn't care about Ullr's attempts to leap away.

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