Top 5 Plays - 101


Both teams fight it out in the narrow Jungle by duo lane, Krakens, No Escapes, and even Nyaa Nyaa Kitty Cats go flying but only Neith survives the intense battle. Geb baits the enemy team into their deep Jungle and sets up the Poseidon Kraken from behind then Bastet and Xbalanque help clean up the rest. A team fight goes back and fourth with casualties on both sides near the mid harpies, but at the end of the day the final blow is a triple bank shot from Hou Yi that seals the double kill. Athena secures a kill and then dashes around narrowly escaping Death from Above while Awilix and Ullr provide the support needed to finish off the enemies. Khepri makes some amazing supportive plays and body blocks for his Apollo who has a love of danger. He ends up making the ultimate sacrifice for Apollo but he does his job well.

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2 #1 Inuki
on November 25 2015 04:15:56
All these are episode 97. What the is going on!?
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