Top 5 Plays - 105


Hercules and Thanatos dunk and bury the enemy team for over extending. Ymir, Zhong Kui, and Xbalanque take turns tanking shots for each other until there is no one left standing. Janus turns around and with the sacrifice of Bacchus lines up a triple snipe. Anhur barely escapes certain death with the help of his allies and some fancy footwork. Then Thanatos and Nox engage around gold furry and Thanatos barely sustains through the entire enemy team with his passive.

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2 #1 Inuki
on December 23 2015 11:00:10
Theres an audio Error in this one! I don't know how I managed it because to make that kind of error takes something radical to change in the process of creation.

I do know that the work load for that week was absolutely insane and I've never been more exhausted! And yet, we've got more exhausting work to come!!!

Either way. I liked the plays this week! week has something better I think =)
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