Frost walks you through gold sharing, why it's important, how it works, and why the 'meta starts' are the way they are. He also details the future of the series and recaps a bit of the past episodes.


Frost is talking about minions! It's pretty important that you know about these guys and how you can sploits'em!


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Frost talks about Game Sense! If it's one piece of advise that is really important to know about how to improve, Then it's to play all of the Gods!


My Names Inuki and We've all been here before;



"Ughh Jeesh that thing is soo annoying!"


If someone is doing something that is annoying you, or you are doing something that is annoying someone else, then as far as playing the game goes. You are doing something right! You can find a really useful chain of events to help you learn what to do in certain match ups and situations. For example;



You play Loki and you go against a Kumbhakarna in the solo lane. You find that Kumbhakarna is really annoying and you have trouble playing against him. So play Kumbhakarna and find out frustrates you as you play him. Perhaps along your travels you will play against a Loki and get annoyed by what he does against you as Kumbhakarna. Work that into your play and see if it works!


What is really important is the skill of learning. Learn how to Learn and nothing can stop you!


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What is Zoning? It's pretty damn important so we better talk about the basics principles of it! 


Time to Talk about The Man that Everyone is Playing Right now! Hercules is up in Tools of the Trade! It isn't that complicated! Now everyone can play Hercules! Hooray!

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