First up Apollo, Baccus and Ratatoskr turn the gank the other way around, Kumhakarna moves too fast for this sun god, Rama gets saved by his friendly neighbourhood Cabrakan, Freya and Ra take their mage magic to the next level,  Chang'e and Janus come in to take out the trash! 



Join Vox in a new series of Top 5 Plays where he covers the best of the best in Paladins


Thanatos swoops in some death, Anhur's spears fly everywhere, Scylla shows just a scary a small child can be, Neith uses hear filed of weaves for major damage, Anhur will never run from a fight    


Nemesis brings her juking shoes to this fight, Geb jumps in just in time to save his buddy Anhur, Cabrakan goes full fat Loki mode, Hou Yi skillfully sends his arrow on the search for kills and Vulcan serves up some spicy meatballs for this enemy.         


Susano comes in hot with his slashing sword, Agni turns up the heat, Tyr has no concern for being outnumbered, Kukulkan messes up more than just their hair, Janus sends portals flying at the enemy        



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