Scylla, deals some crushing damage, Ravana doesn't like people trying to take his gold, Chronos gives Anhur the old bait and switch, Hou Yi fires arrows that make Robin Hood jealous, Ymir and Guan Yu fight tooth and nail against the enemy.      


Xbalanque sneaks in from behind, Janus thinks with portals, Bellona always wins, be careful of that Ra or you might get burnt, and Hou Yi goes in for a brawl.     


Come join us for the best of Smite masters Dreamhack 2016 and relive the best bits.


He Bo uses all of his ults, Bellona shows that a god of war will not go gently into the night, Janus sends his snipe through space and time, Hou Yi beats the odds, Ao Kuang pulls out all the stops to keep his life.  


In this week's plays, Ah Muzen Cab brings his stinger, Ne Zha plays ping pong with his enemies, Vulcan comes in with major damage, Hou Yi will fight against any odds, Athena swoops in for the steal.        

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