Cabrakan doesn't take too kindly to people trying to kidnap his friends, Guan Yu's spinning blade makes mince meat out of all in its way, Thanatos puts Neith's arrow on hold while he finds his way to a double, Poseidon sends his enemies straight to Davy Jones' locker, Mercury speeds in throwing his enemies right into the way of a dragon!


Fenrir flies over to play with Isis' wings and then fetches Janus a new toy, Bellona goes overboard testing out all 4 of her weapons, Isis can do much more than flap her wings in this play, Ymir makes some god shaped snow cones, following up with He Bo throwing his water all over the field


Artemis comes in with a front row seat of Janus and Thanatos swooping in from nowhere racking up 3 kills, Hades the god of death is a master at staying alive and killing, Tyr masterfully swings his sword keeping him alive with but a sliver of health, Ullr keeps up a steady flow of arrows striking down the enemies, Hou Yi and his friend Ymir rain down fire, ice and pain in this epic fight.


Back with Inuki this Week. Sun Wukong goes full monkey mode as he slips right through their grasp, Janus comes in as a one man army saving his Bacchus from certain death, Vulcan brings the heat in this battle, Anhur uses everything he got to dip, duck, dive and dodge his way to some kills, Scylla the unassuming child can still hit as hard as any other god in this Top Play of the week


In a Special Vox edition of Top 5 Plays, Agni and Bellona have no fear fighting against the odds, Hou Yi fight on with lifesteal holding him together, Anhur keeps those spears flying everywhere scaring those enemies away, Awilix waits in the shadows for the perfect time to strike, Ao Kuang the silent stalker comes up when you least expect it deleting enemies health bars!

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