Hou Yi uses his rubber arrow to ping pong that damage. Fenrir goes for a juke to hang on that last bit of health. Agni brings the flames down. Ra sneaks up and fires his laser. Medusa has a trick up her sleave to give this Cabrakan a tough time.


Join us as we look back on the first week of the Spl Fall Split


Awilix barely escapes the walls then settles the cat vs dog fight with Fenrir. As Order team push forward out of nowhere Mercury booms in to turn this fight upside down. Thor and Nox get more than they bargained for. Sobek goes all out for revenge. Geb and Tyr roll in to get this fight going.


Xbalanque comes in to max out that passive meter. Janus uses his precision and power to delete those enemies. Athena, Nox and Thor team up for the grand slam. Athena and Ao Kuang go for a sneaky ult trick. Lastly, Medusa keeps her arrows flying and her stone sculpting sharp in this last play


Vox Brings you the second episode of his Paladins Top 5 Plays series.

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