Awilix barely escapes the walls then settles the cat vs dog fight with Fenrir. As Order team push forward out of nowhere Mercury booms in to turn this fight upside down. Thor and Nox get more than they bargained for. Sobek goes all out for revenge. Geb and Tyr roll in to get this fight going.


Back with Inuki this Week. Sun Wukong goes full monkey mode as he slips right through their grasp, Janus comes in as a one man army saving his Bacchus from certain death, Vulcan brings the heat in this battle, Anhur uses everything he got to dip, duck, dive and dodge his way to some kills, Scylla the unassuming child can still hit as hard as any other god in this Top Play of the week


In a Special Vox edition of Top 5 Plays, Agni and Bellona have no fear fighting against the odds, Hou Yi fight on with lifesteal holding him together, Anhur keeps those spears flying everywhere scaring those enemies away, Awilix waits in the shadows for the perfect time to strike, Ao Kuang the silent stalker comes up when you least expect it deleting enemies health bars!


First up Apollo, Baccus and Ratatoskr turn the gank the other way around, Kumhakarna moves too fast for this sun god, Rama gets saved by his friendly neighbourhood Cabrakan, Freya and Ra take their mage magic to the next level,  Chang'e and Janus come in to take out the trash! 



Nemesis brings her juking shoes to this fight, Geb jumps in just in time to save his buddy Anhur, Cabrakan goes full fat Loki mode, Hou Yi skillfully sends his arrow on the search for kills and Vulcan serves up some spicy meatballs for this enemy.         

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